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We are open to new team members. We offer two free trial lessons, so feel free to come join us on Mondays! Once you have confirmed interest, please sign up using our online form.

About us

Join our new club in Veyrier!
VeyrierHockey5 is a club for children aged 5 to 12 to play field hockey. We practice on Mondays at 16:30. The older children also have an optional practice on Thursdays at 16:30. Children under 7 years old practice at Bois-Gourmand school gym. Children over 8 practice at Grand Donzel. During the winter months, all teams practice indoors. The teams have matches with other teams in Switzerland on many Saturdays throughout the year.

Why hockey
Hockey is a friendly and competitive sport that promotes and teaches team work and respect for each other. It is also great exercise and fun! This game is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

What equipment 
Equipment (sticks, balls, etc.) is made available during the training sessions. Players should wear sports clothes, sports shoes, shin pads, and a gum guard to all practices and matches.

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